T&A – The company

LOGO-T&A-kleinOur goal is making quality products, installed by pool professionals, enhancing the comfort level of a pool and lowering its environmental footprint

Established in 1995 by Ludo Vervoort, Technics & Applications has now become one of the leading manufacturers of automatic pool covers in Europe.

Situated in the North of Belgium, T&A produces 2500 covers per year distributed in more than 20 different countries. Our production plant of 10,000m² is very much automated giving an output of more than 20 covers per day in the main season.

4 crucial company values:

  1. Quality
  • T&A produces high quality made-to-size products using only high-end raw material and sub-assemblies.
  • We control the production process from A to Z making it possible to supply a high and stable product quality.
  1. Service
  • We support our dealers by:
    • Commercial and technical trainings in our Belgian offices
    • Workshops about new products
    • On-site training for installation engineers
    • Internal technical support with 3 engineers speaking 4 different languages: Dutch, German, English and French
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Online cover configurator available 24/7
  • No closing periods during the summer
  1. Reliability
  • 20 years of experience in automatic pool covers
  • T&A products are only sold through a professional network of dealers guaranteeing proper installation, maintenance and service for the end-user
  1. Innovation

Product innovation through continuous improvements making T&A products:

  • Easier to install and service
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Efficient and environmental friendly
  • Custom-made solutions
  • Branded products for OEM customers
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